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On August 13, 2012, we had absolutely gorgeous weather. I wanted to go kayaking! Unfortunately my boyfriend had sold his green "Kermit" kayak but hadn't yet bought a replacement for it. So he was kayakless - the saddest of states. So we called around and found that Fin and Feather Sports in Upton MA would rent a kayak for three hours for $26. Perfect! We drove right over and picked one up.

Usually Bob has used a sit on top kayak, but in this case we had a sit-in kayak. We put it up on the roof and then drove the short distance to the Whitehall Reservoir in Hopkinton, MA. The reservoir was mirror-smooth. There was hardly anyone at all on the water. There were herons, ducks, geese, fish, turtles, and all sorts of other birds.

This was my 17th trip with my Venus 11 kayak.

Here are the photos from our trip! There are sixty photos in this slideshow set.

This first photo is from the boat ramp, looking back at the parking area.

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The pictures on the topic of Kayak Whitehall Reservoir Hopkinton MA for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea.

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