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It amuses me vastly that realtors are apparently selling VERY expensive homes on Stone School Road to people without telling them that the transfer station was - until very recently - a dump!! That's not just park land in the transfer station area. That is a large dump that was covered over with sod. I don't mind them covering up the dump, but I do mind realtors hiding this fact from new home owners.

It was about 2000 or so when they had the HUGE town meeting about this conversion. The auditorium was packed, literally standing room only, as people argued the pros and cons. In the end, there simply wasn't room left in the dump and the vote was to set up a transfer station. They tried giving multiple stickers to households. Some slimeballs then gave the extra stickers to non-Sutton families to use for free. So next they tried charging a high price ($230/yr) for *every* car even in the same family. That didn't work either - some people would "gather trash" for a whole group of friends and take it all in on their one sticker.

Finally in 2006 they changed things again so that they charged a cheap price - $25 - for a July to July year's worth of access to the station. All recycling is free. However, trash has to go in special bags that you buy at local stores, for about $1/bag. That way people who try to sleaze the system still have to pay a per bag charge. I guess we'll see what new ways some people find to try to cheat the system.

In 2008 the fee was $30 for the year, plus $15 per additional vehicle. However, for the first time they now required you to bring your actual physical registration for each vehicle you're registering. You're doing this operation in the same office area that does the excise! They have that record in a database right there. It's yet another hurdle for people who barely can get down to the town hall during their open hours. Most of us do work during the day. It's not so bad for the car you drive to the town hall IN - but if you're registering two cars for your household it's now a pain to xerox or get that other car with its registration in to the town hall to get it signed up properly.

When I asked the clerk why in the world they require physical proof the car is registered in Sutton - since they have the database of registered cars right there - she said "well what if the car was just bought in the last week and hasn't been filed for an excise yet?" OK, those cars can then bring in proof that they are in Sutton. The remaining 99.9999% of cars should be OK with the existing documentation in the excise system.

The Sutton transfer station is found down Stone School Road.
Station Hours - Tue through Sat 8am-4pm

Sutton Transfer Station

I swore off the transfer station when they went to the $230 per car system, because I thought it was outrageous to pay another full price just to get a sticker for my boyfriend's car. I thought, if people were cheating the system, they should be fined - the rest of us shouldn't be made to pay the penalty for their sliminess. Now that they're down to $30 to get to the recycling bins, I did get a sticker again.

Our primary trash service is now the BFI pickup service.

Republic / Allied / BFI Information

The BFI guys are *very* friendly and it's extremely convenient - but they only pick up recycling every 2 weeks. It's nice to have the Sutton recycling bins as a backup. Really though I only use the Sutton transfer station to drop off the deposit soda cans for the Boy Scouts. So I am paying $30/yr - and going through the hassle of bringing in my car registration to the town hall during their short open hours - just to get a few dollars worth of income to the Boy Scouts. It would be far more cost effective for me to just write a $30 check TO the boy scouts every year, give up on Sutton completely, and toss those bottles into my regular recycling feed with BFI.

2010 update - I don't even get the sticker any more. I recycle our bottles myself and send the Boy Scouts a check. It saves money this way.

Sutton Transfer Station

Sutton has one of the WORST recycling rates of any town in Massachusetts! Please recycle! I have a TON of information in my Sutton MA Recycling Pages to help you out.

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