Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts General Bylaws

These general bylaws are official as of October 20, 2003. The are the last known revision as of March 17, 2007.

Section 3.1 - Date of Town Meeting
The spring session of the annual town meeting shall be held on the second Monday in May and shall continue on the evenings of successive business days until the warrant has been dissolved; the fall session of the town meeting shall be held on the third Monday in October and shall continue on the evenings of successive business days until the warrant has been dissolved.

Section 3.2 - Date of Town Election
The annual town election for the election of town officers and for the determination of all other matters to be referred to the voters shall be held on the fourth Tuesday in May.

Section 3.3 - Posting of Warrants
Town Warrants and by-laws shall be posted at the following locations:
* at the store in Sutton Center
* at the Town Hall (Municipal Center)
* at each of the Post offices
* at the Senior Center, Hough Road
* at the Whittier's Farm Milk Store, Douglas Road
* at the store in Manchaug at the Four Corners
* at the elderly housing community center
* at the store in Heritage mall in Wilkinsonville
* advertise on the local cable channel and notify newspapers of local circulation.

Section 3.4 - Attendance Record
All boards and committees are to keep an attendance record of all members at all regular and special meetings called by the Board of Committees. Such attendance record shall be made a part of the written annual report to the Board of Selectmen.

Section 3.5 - Motions for Reconsideration
* any action taken on an article in the warrant shall not by reconsidered except by a two-thirds vote of the meeting.
* Reconsideration must be done at the same session of the meeting at which the vote in question was acted upon.
* Any vote upon a motion for reconsideration shall be final.
* A vote upon a question shall not be reconsidered more than once.

Section 3.6 - Two-Thirds Votes
On Matters requiring a two-thirds vote by statute a count need not be taken unless the vote so declared is immediately questioned by seven or more voters as provided in MGL Chapter 39, Section 15, or as otherwise provided in these by-laws.

Section 3.7 - Action on Articles
All articles in the warrant shall be taken up in the order presented in the warrant unless otherwise ordered by a majority vote of the meeting.

Adopted: Jan. 8, 1985
Amended: 12/11/86, 5/4/92, 10/18/93, 10/17/94, 10/16/95, 10/19/98, 6/28/99, 1/20/00

Sutton Massachusetts General Bylaws

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