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Sutton Massachusetts General Bylaws

These general bylaws are official as of October 20, 2003. The are the last known revision as of March 17, 2007.

Section 26.1 - Smoke & Heat Detectors

In addition to the smoke detectors required by Section 26E of Chapter 148, MGL, as previously accepted by the town, approved heat detectors shall be installed in the garage of any dwelling occupied in whole or in part for residential purposes, construction of which is begun on or after the effective date of this by-law.

Section 26.2 - Type Of Heat Detectors Required; Approval Of Fire Chief Required

Such heat detectors as are required under section 1 above shall be of a type approved by the fire chief, and shall be interconnected to the smoke detectors required by said section 26E, such that, if a heat detector is activated, an audible alarm will be sounded within the dwelling itself.

Section 26.3 - Heat Detectors In Multi-Family Garage

There shall be installed one (1) such heat detector above and in the center of each bay in a multi-family garage.

Section 26.4 - Enforcement

The fire chief shall enforce the provisions of this bylaw pursuant to the provisions of MGL Chapter 148. Section 30 of Chapter 148 shall not apply to this by-law.

Adopted: April 21, 1984

Sutton Massachusetts General Bylaws

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