Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts General Bylaws

These general bylaws are official as of October 20, 2003. The are the last known revision as of March 17, 2007.

Section 12.1 - Town Clerk Fees

On July 1, 1981, it was voted unanimously to have all fees collected by the Town Clerk turned over to the Town Treasury. Chapter 262, Section 34.

1. For filing and indexing assignment for the benefit of creditors $10.00

11. For entering amendment of a record of birth of an illegitimate child subsequently legitimized $10.00

12. For correcting errors in a record of a birth $10.00

13. For furnishing a certificate of birth $ 5.00

13A. For furnishing an abstract copy of a Record of Birth $ 4.00

14. For entering a Delayed Record of Birth $10.00

20.For filing of a Certificate of person conducting business under any title other than his real name $20.00

21. For filing by a person conducting a business under any title other than his real name of a statement of change of his residence, or of his discontinuance, retirement or withdrawal from, or change of location of, such business $10.00

22. For furnishing certified copy of certificate of person conducting business under any title other than his real name or a statement by such person of his discontinuance, retirement of withdrawal from such business $ 5.00

24. For recording the name and address, the date and number of the certificate issued to a person registered for the practice of Podiatry in the Commonwealth $ 20.00

29. For correcting errors in a Record of Death $ 10.00

30. For furnishing a Certificate of Death $ 5.00

30a. For furnishing an Abstract copy of a Record of Death $ 4.00

38. For issuing and recording License to Junk Dealer $100.00

38a. For issuing and recording License to Junk Collector $ 50.00

39. For issuing and recording Pawnbrokers License $100.00

42. For entering notice of Intention of Marriage and issuing a Certificate thereof $ 15.00

43. For entering Certificate of Marriage filed by persons out of the Commonwealth $ 5.00

44. For issuing a Certificate of Marriage $ 5.00

44a. For furnishing an Abstract copy of a Record of Marriage $ 4.00

45. For correcting errors in a record of Marriage $ 10.00

54. For recording the Power of Attorney $ 10.00

57. For recording certificate of registration granted to person to engage in the practice of optometry or issuing certified copy thereof $ 20.00

58. For recording the name of the owner of a certificate as a Physician or osteopath in the Commonwealth $ 20.00

62. For recording order granting location of poles, piers, abutments or conduits, alterations or transfers thereof, and increase in the number of wires and cable or attachments, under the provisions of General Laws flat $ 40.00 Chapter 66, Section 22 additional streets $ 10.00

66. For examining records or papers relating to Birth, Marriage or Deaths upon the application of any person, the actual expense thereof, but not less than $ 5.00

67. For copying any manuscript or record pertaining to a Birth, Death or Marriage a page $ 5.00

66. For receiving and filing a complete inventory of all items to be included in a "Closing Out Sale" lst pg. $ 10.00 add'l etc. $ 2.00

75. For filing a copy of a written instrument or Declaration of Trust by trustees of an association or trust, or any amendment as provided, MGL. Chapter 182, Section 2 $ 20.00

78. For recording a Deed of Lot or Plot in a Public place of Cemetery $ 10.00

79. For recording any other documents lst page $ 10.00 add'l pages $ 2.00 Section 12.2 - Board of Selectmen?s Fees

12.2.1 Innkeeper and Common Victualler License (MGL Ch. 140, Sect 2) maximum fee $ 50.00

12.2.2 Pawnbroker License (MGL Ch. 140, Sect 77) maximum fee $100.00

12.2.3 Automatic Amusement Device (MGL Ch. 140, Sect 177A) maximum fee $100.00

Section 12.3 - Inspectors Fees

12.3.1 The Board of Selectmen shall be responsible for adopting a fee schedule for permits issued by the Building Inspector, the Wiring Inspector, and the Plumbing Inspector. Such fees shall be reasonably related to the cost of providing the service of the inspectors.

Adopted: Apr 18, 1981
Amended: 4/19/86, 10/17/88, 10/15/90, 10/17/94

Sutton Massachusetts General Bylaws

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