Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts General Bylaws

These general bylaws are official as of October 20, 2003. The are the last known revision as of March 17, 2007. I list the file size in kb of each article, so you can see how they compare with each other.

NOTE: If you can't read Article 11, check you family filters. Some of the words in that article relate to adult matters.

General By-laws which have been voted by the town are contained herein. Zoning By-laws, Subdivision Rules and Regulations and Suttonís Home Rule Charter are published separately. These by-laws have been approved by the Attorney General and published or posted in accordance with statutory requirements. The "amended" date refers to the town meeting date an article was amended not the effective date.


ArticleSize (k)
1. Finance And Warrant Advisory Committee4k
2. Town Administrative Organization 6k
3. Town Meeting/Town Election Dates, Posting, Attendance 5k
4. Trailers And Mobile Homes 3k
5. Earth Removal By-Law 19k
6. Animal Control By-Law 16k
7. Unregistered Motor Vehicles 5k
8. Public Drinking By-Law 3k
9. Driveways 3k
10. Public Sewer By-Law 29k
11. Entertainment By-Law 5k
12. Fees 6k
13. Sutton Wetland and Riverfront District Administration Bylaw80k
14. Street Numbering 2k
15. Council On Aging 3k
16. Scenic Road By-Law 9k
17. Renewal On Granting Of Certain Licenses/Permits 6k
18. Regulation of Recreation Camps, Overnight Camps or Cabins, Motels or Mobile Home Parks3k
19. Use of Public Ways 3k
20. General Administration 5k
21. Fire Lanes 3k
22. Use Of Private Ways 7k
23. Recreation Commission 4k
24. Handicapped Parking 5k
25. Cemetery Commission By-Law 3k
26. Fire Department Regulations 3k
27. Personnel Regulations 113k
28. Solid Waste Hauler Regulations 5k
29. -- intentionally blank --
30. False Alarms 4k

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