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Day 6 - Aspen Allegations - NaNoWriMo 2012

Day 6 was November 6, 2012 - election day in the fever-pitch war between Obama and Romney. We had been deluged with flyers, brochures, pamphlets, TV spots, and more for months. I was absolutely thrilled that the incessant robo-phone-calls were going to finally come to an end.

So when Bob was done with his time at the gym, first we went to vote. Luckily the voting station was fairly quiet, with us going mid-day. We'd gone times in the past that the lines snaked in and around the various fire trucks, because there were so many people waiting. This time it was fairly quick to get in and out. I'm sure the place was a madhouse for those who went after normal working hours.

Then we drove over to Whittier Farms. I am going to change the name of the farm, since one of my murder suspects is going to work there, but it'll be the same location. The farm has a lovely general store with squash, beef, apples, maple syrup, honey, and so on. There was a cute little calf outside snuggled up in his plastic dog-house. Two small horses lounged in a pasture behind the calf. One came over looking for a carrot, and gave Bob's jacket a taste to see if perhaps it was made of carrot.

Then he went off to work and I went home to work. It was after 9 before we could head out for the second part of my research - to have dinner at Tony's Pizza. This is where I wanted the talk with this first suspect to take place. We knew Tony's closed at 10pm so Bob called ahead to have them prepare our food. That way we could arrive and just start eating, without having to wait for them to make it. Unfortunately, despite him saying three times that we were eating in, they put it all packed up. So then we had to wait for them to unpack everything and put it onto plates. And I had wanted eggplant parm over rotini, and they put it over spaghetti. I very rarely eat pasta, and I just don't like spaghetti. So it was a bit frustrating to have my one special pasta "treat" be undercooked spaghetti that fell apart. Still, I got a fresh impression of the restaurant's wood panelling and tile floor, to incorporate into the story. And I'll note the place was *deserted*. Nobody else at all in the place. When we left, they literally turned the lights out on us as we were in the parking lot.

Time Spent: 60 minutes
Words Today: 3,025
Total Words: 15,585

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