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Day 4 - Aspen Allegations - NaNoWriMo 2012

Day 4 was a hectic day for me in real life. My son was over for a visit. My mother's birthday was in the evening, and I went down to Newport, RI to join here there at Cafe Zelda. The drive down and back through Jamestown was lovely. So when I got home, I promptly sat down to write.

I loved being able to integrate all of these various things into my storyline to some degree or another. I had my character enjoying the gorgeous sunset on her drive down, while talking with the ranger. I integrated parts of my discussion at dinner about the cougars in Connecticut and the sad plight of the little brown bats and the fungus which was wiping them out. Then I had my character talking with the ranger again as she drove back home again

It was so lovely to journal, in essence, the beauty I'd seen in the day. I could now share it with others, laying out in fairly real time what I had seen and heard.

Time Spent: 60 minutes
Words Today: 3,266
Total Words: 10,347

Day 5 of NaNoWriMo - Mon Nov 5

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