Sutton Massachusetts

Day 3 - Aspen Allegations - NaNoWriMo 2012

On Day 3, I wanted to start introducing more characters. I wanted to avoid the War and Peace problem where new characters are deluged on a reader and they have trouble keeping them all straight. Still, I had to start introducing some of them slowly so they could be related to.

My key characters here are Paul and Anne, based on a real-life senior couple that I know in Sutton who are friendly and compassionate. I love spending time with them. I wanted them to be my "helpers" in the story, to provide suggestions and clues. Also, as this is going to be a series, I am intending for them to be recurring charcaters going forward. So it was important to me that they were introduced early and given importance.

I've been to Paul and Anne's house several times so I was able to write that scene without going out there. I did incorate the weather. I revealed more about the victim here, and gave some ideas for where the story would then progress to.

Time Spent: 60 minutes
Words Today: 2,226
Total Words: 7,081

Day 4 of NaNoWriMo - Sun Nov 4

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