Sutton Massachusetts

Day 1 - Aspen Allegations - NaNoWriMo 2012

Is the first day always the hardest, as some say? To me the first day was enormously fun, full of promise and adventure. I had decided that my heroine would find the dead body on the first day, in the Sutton Forest. That meant my boyfriend and I could spend the first day tromping around in the forest looking for the ideal place to hide a dead body. What a way to spend a beautiful autumn afternoon :).

It was hunting season, so I wore a long, tangerine sarong over my shoulders and he wore an orange jacket. A mountain-biking ranger passed us and complemented us in our clothing choices. That of course meant he would be featured in my story :). We listened to nuthatches, looked for mushrooms, admired the turkey tails we found, and sure enough we found the ideal spot for the body.

Hurricane Sandy had been through town only two days before but things were blissfully serene in the forest, no sign of any problem here. It was a reminder that life went on, nature renewed itself, and our world could be trusted.

I got home with a camera full of photos. I cleared off my desk, made a mug of tea, and began writing at 4:30. I stopped at 5:30. I had not been rushing or pushing myself, merely enjoying the relating of what we'd seen and heard. I wrote 2,680 words. The project had begun!

Time Spent: 60 minutes
Words Today: 2,680
Total Words: 2,680

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo - Fri Nov 2

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