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Setting Up my NaNoWriMo Desk

One of the things I have learned over my years of writing is that preparation is absolutely key. Yes, I love being spontaneous and off-the-cuff. However, having a prepared writing environment can greatly help the words flow smoothly.

For me, one of the keys is having a clear desk area. Clutter distracts me. Yes, my house is a giant mess. I admit it. But when I write. I have to somehow move all that mess so it's not within my range of sight. I have to make sure that what I see before me is clean and organized. That removes random thoughts from my mind. It helps me to focus on the words at hand and the task before me.

I work from home, so I have a desk set up in my "home office" with my computer and other items on it. It looks like this -

Setting Up my NaNoWriMo Desk

It's well worth it to make sure your keyboard is at the right height, the monitor is at the right angle, the chair is at the right height, your feet are supported, and so on. These might all seem like little things, but your body really is meant to work in certain ways. If you are straining or twisting yourself, your body will ache. That will be a continual "water torture" drag away from your story writing.

Give it a try! It should only take 5-10 minutes to get the clutter off your desk, and you might be surprised how nice it feels to sit down at that clean, freshly prepared area.

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