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2010-2011 Winter Snow Photos

First, make sure you read the 2010-2011 Winter page which covers from our first snowfall in November 8, 2010 through mid-January. By this point we had about 21" of snow on the ground. Then read about Jan 25-31 Winter Photos where it only got worse.

On February 1st the schools closed as we got another 8" of snow come down. This was a fine, light, flour-like snow. By this point we're judging the quality of each snowfall since we are getting them very few days. It's becoming a game. February 2nd - school closed, more snow. About 3 1/2 feet everywhere now. Our mailbox was nearly buried.

Snow in Sutton

Snow in Sutton

To show how bad the snow was by this point, this is the entrance ramp where 146 goes up onto 290. The snow piles are so high that they reach to the level of the elevated highway!

Snow in Sutton

By February 5th it's about 4' of snow on the ground and it's thundering and lightning too! It's hard to even imagine how deep the back yard snow is because you can walk across the top of it. It seems like the "new ground level". But you know that there are rubbermaid containers and compost bins and other things *beneath you*.

On February 7th we began to take emergency measures. There was a literal solid foot of ice at the edge of the roof which formed what's called an "ice dam". In essence this solid wall of ice caused the snow behind it, when it melted, not to be able to run off the roof. So instead it soaked down into the house. We had to carve channels in the ice wall so the melting snow water could get off the roof. The way to do this is to fill pantyhose with ice melt and to lay it in intervals along the edge of the roof. This then carves channels through that wall of ice to let the water out. It worked beautifully!

Snow in Sutton

February 8th saw another 3 inches of snow fall. A few days of no fresh snow, and then a fluffy, gentle snow comes down on the 13th. All winter long we are literally not going a week without more snow coming, and it's not like the old snow is melting. Roofs are caving in everywhere.

Finally on February 14th - Valentine's Day - we get 53.1F temperatures and snow starts to melt a TINY bit. Maybe we go down from 4' of snow to 3.9' of snow. By February 18th I could finally see the top of my birdbath pedestal. Yes, the top. I tell you, this snow was at scarily high levels.

But winter wasn't done with us yet. February 18th - rain, lightning, and pea-sized pelletes of hail! At this point our shed in the back of the house had caved in. The rain washed away the snow, but too late.

Snow in Sutton

February 21st had another inch of fresh, fluffy snow.

February 22nd - the snow is literally higher than a van in the Sutton post office parking lot.

Snow in Sutton

A few days of rest and then on February 25th we got another inch of snow. By the 27th that was 3" of fresh snow. But February left with a warming trend. February 28th was 44.8F and things were beginning to get slushy. The snow was actually melting a bit.

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