Sutton Massachusetts

2009-2010 Winter Snow Photos

In the 2008-2009 season I was not documenting the snowfall as thoroughly as I did in subsequent years. We had our first snowfall on December 7th that I blogged about - I said that it took a while to come so maybe it really was the very first snow we'd seen. It was a light dusting.

December 7 2008 Snowfall Photos

The highlight of the 2008-2009 winter season has got to be the amazing ice storm which hit on December 11, 2008. This coated the entire New England region in a layer of ice which frosted the trees as if they'd been dipped in glass. They were absolutely beautiful.

2008 Ice Storm Photos

A light snow fell on Dec 17th. Then we got 10" on Dec 18th, to create our traditional White Christmas. The weather got down to 9F on January 15th. We had more snow on February 19th, and a foot on March 2nd - I'm sure there were other snowfalls in between there. We finally had all snow melting on March 26th. So I believe we had snow on the ground continuously from Dec 18th through March 26th.

Winter Snow Photos

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