Sutton Massachusetts

Types of Snow

There's a saying about eskimoes having thousands of words for snow types because they are surrounded by it all the time. This has been shown to be a bit of an exaggeration. Still, there are definitely types of snow.

Here are just a few of the snow types we have seen in Sutton, Massachusetts!

Snow Type 1 - Compacting Snow
Compacting snow happens when the temperature is just above freezing. At this level the snow is still fairly wet, so the snow is sort of mushy. It looks like normal snow, but when you step on it the snow compacts with a scrunch sound as it compresses beneath your feet.

Many of us feel that this compacting snow is the finest kind of snow. It is wet and heavy and compacts well. It sticks together like sushi rice. When you shovel a driveway this snow clumps and shovels where you want it to go. Compare this with the "powder" style of snow which flies all over and does not stick together.

In terms of beauty, it is true that compacting snow is a bit like sticky rice. It gathers dirty easily and gathers on the side of the road in brownish clumps.

Still, compacting snow is good for constructing snow objects like snowmen.

It's bot the perfect sledding snow as it is sticky.

Photos in Sutton Massachusetts