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Red Maple Tree

In the springtime, the Red Maple creates bunches of small red flowerettes that have a red, almost rosy petal area and a yellower base area. These small flower clusteres are about the size of a half dollar (for the entire cluster). If you live near maple trees, your lawn can become littered with these when you get a strong wind in late April.

red maple flowers

It becomes fairly easy to identify red maple trees in the springtime - you walk around and they have fluffy red crowns on them, at a time when all the other trees are still bare looking. These photos are from April 21, 2011.

red maple flowers

Animals are very happy for this treat of maple flowers - the little flowers are often their first tasty snack after a long winter!

red maple flowers

After a long, luxurious summer, the red maple is ready to make its seeds in the autumn.

The "seed" of a red maple looks like a little helicopter. Technically this is called a samara. When the samaras fall from the trees, they come spiralling down! When I was young I would split open the tip of the seed and then stick it on my nose :)

red maple photo

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