Sutton Massachusetts

Sutton Massachusetts Bike Path

Massachusetts is working on a massive bike path system, and as they redo Route 146 (which heads from Worcester MA to Providence RI) they are creating the bike path to take the same route. The path goes along rivers and is very nicely paved - but it's not finished yet. This will be known as the Blackstone Valley Bikeway

Sutton Massachusetts Bike Path

The green dots are where the bike path "connects" through Sutton right now - i.e. people ride on the road to get from the finished area up in Millbury, down to the finished areas in Rhode Island. The red dots are where they eventually plan to build the path itself, along the tow path along the Blackstone River.

As you can see, only a tiny amount of this path is in Sutton!

Here is a stretch of the bike path in Millbury, near the Shoppes along 146.

Bike Path at Shoppes Exit of 146

For tons of photos and full details about this project, visit my Blackstone Valley Bike Path pages.