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I used Al's Trucking to rent a 10 yard trash container for a week. These are the large, metal rectangular bins you see by homes when they are cleaning out their basement or back yard. They are REALLY great for doing a thorough house cleaning and getting rid of stuff that simply isn't useful any more.

Al's Trucking was incredibly friendly and easy to use. Their phone number is 508/865-4193. It was only $260 for Sutton residents for a week rental - they drop it off, they pick it up. You can put up to 1.5 tons of stuff into the container - no hazardous materials, of course. I highly, highly recommend them.

We went back and used them again for a second round of cleaning - and have enthusiastically recommended them to several friends in the area for their projects!

If you're curious what other companies charge for a 10 yard container, here is my research:

Trash Bee Gone / Home Depot - $370 for a week rental
Rebecca's Rolloffs - $399 for a week rental
Roll Offs USA - $415 for a week rental
Pro-Tech - won't do residental containers

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