Daniel Elliot in Sutton, MA

Daniel Elliot is 1st mentioned as a witness on behalf of Jane Proctor at the Salem witch trials of 1692. His testimony is quoted in numerous histories of the trials. There was a family relationship i.e., through Daniel's wife, Hannah "Cloyce", daughter of Peter Cloyce & his first wife Hannah Littlefield. Peter's second wife was Sarah "Towne" (an accused Witch" along with her sisters Rebecca Nurse & Mary Easty). Of the three sisters, only Sarah survived the hysteria. My family history notes indicate that Daniel Elliot was 27 years old during the trials of 1692.(b. 1665) and that he owned land in the Danvers/ Topsfield/ Salem area.

The Elliots, along with members of the "Towne", "Bridges", & "Cloyes" families left the Salem area in 1693 for Framingham, Ma. (Salem's End Road) There again, is mention of Daniel in the early history of Framingham). My family notes indicate that Daniel was an early settler of Oxford, Ma., having owned and operated the Mill there in the early 1700's. Daniel's family include;

Wife - Hannah Cloyce b. abt 1666 daughter of Peter Cloyce and Hannah Littlefield
Children, Daniel b. 8-17-1687 Salem, Ma
Ebenezer b. 3-3- 1692/1693 Framingham
John b. 5-16-1695 Framingham
James b. 4-2-1697 Framingham
Nathaniel b. 8-10-1699 Framingham
Jonathan b. 8-16-1701 Framingham (my ancestor m. Lydia Harwood d. of Jonathan Harwood & Rebecca Twiss)
Peter b. 11-25-1704 Framingham, Ma

The family then moved to Sutton in about 1720-1723.

That Jonathan married Lydia Harwood 3-28-1726 in Sutton and had two children Jonathan b. 9-20-1728 & Rebecca b. 1729.

This Jonathan (1728) married Hannah Wheeler b. 8-1-1733, Rehoboth, Ma. daughter of James Wheeler & Elizabeth West.

In turn they had a number of children all born in Sutton. Ma., Jonathan 1750, James 1751, Elizabeth 1753, Hannah 1755, John 1758, Mehitable 1761, Thadeus 1763, Rebekah 1765, Nathaniel 1769, Patience 1771, Huldah 1775, & Peleg 1777.

My ancestor being Jonathan (1750). He in turn married "Sarah" Chase, daughter of Daniel Chase and his wife Margaret Lawson of Sutton, Ma. and had again numerous children, one of which "Daniel b. 3-3-1774 in Sutton, Ma continued my line. He married 1st Polly Morse (buried in Sutton) and 2nd Olive Louise Adams, daughter of Issachar Adams (Rev War soldier) died Worcester, Ma. & Millicent Alden, daughter of John Alden & Mary Adams.

The line continues - the family eventually moved to Maine for a short time and then to Croyden, NH. Within a few short years the clan relocated to Rumney/ Ellsworth, NH, along Stinson Lake Road (then known as "Elliott Hollow") where they remained for quite some time. They branched out from there, my line to Black Earth, Wisconsin - then to New Caledonia/ Hillsboro, ND during the Civil War.

The history shows that the Elliots were "Settlers" 1st Salem, Ma - Framingham, Ma, Oxford, Ma., Sutton, Ma., Croyden, NH, Black Earth, Wisc, Hillsboro, ND. They were farmers and mill operators, cattle drovers& land owners.

Thanks, I hope you find it useful and I hope that others can fill in the blanks & correct my errors.

Transcribed by J.C. Elliott

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