Sarah Barnard in Sutton, MA

Subject - Dr. Benjamin Morse
Source - An Historical Sketch of Groton, MA by Dr. Samuel A. Green 1894 p.95

Dr. Benjamin Morse son of Dr. Benjamin and Abigail (Dudley) Morse, b. at Sutton MA on March 20, 1740. He married Nov. 27, 1760, Mary Barnard dau of Isaac and Sarah Barnard of Sutton, MA; b. Sept. 13, 1741. While still living in Sutton they had a family of six children.

Dr. Benjamin Morse came to Groton probably during the Revolutionary period and was a Representative to the General Court in the session of 1784, and several succeeding ones; and he was also a delegate to the Convention for adopting the Constitution of the United States, in the year 1788, where he opposed the adoption.

He lived in the south part of Groton, near the present village of Ayer; and the site of his house is laid down on the map of Groton, published in 1832. He died on May 31, 1833 aged ninety-three years. His widow died on December 16, 1835 aged 94 years. Their tombstones at the Old Burying Ground, Groton, MA (source
Epitaphs by Dr. S. A. Green 1878)

p. 178 Epitaphs Tombstone (Willow Tree and Urn) Doctor Benjamin Morse died May 21, 1833 AEt. 93 Mrs. Mary Morse his wife, died Dec 16, 1835 AEt 94.

Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

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