Sutton Massachusetts

Cole-Woodbury Cemetery
Sutton, Massachusetts

The Cole-Woodbury Cemetery is located on private property behind 256 Boston Road, Sutton, MA.

Charles Alexander Pratt, died July 21 1924 age 80 yrs.
Ellen Charlotte Woodbury, died October 31, 1912, age 74 yrs.
Martha A. Woodbury, died January 28, 1914, age 89 yrs.
Maretta Woodbury, died 1911, age 85 yrs.
Philip H. Riley, died May 19, 1904, age 86 yrs.
Benjamin Woodbury, died March 28, 1873, age 74 yrs.
Brooksey Cole, wife of Benjamin Woodbury, died July 7, 1882, age 79 yrs.
Sarah Jane Woodbury, died April 19, 1860
Polly wife of David Cole, died March 11, 1881
Sumner Cole, died October 28, 1875, age 77 yrs, 8 mos.
Margaret R. Eddy, died 1887
Charlotte Cole, died 1820

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