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Sutton Massachusetts Cemetery Listing and Photos

Sutton researchers have done a HUGE amount of work on cemeteries here. There are over 35 cemeteries in Sutton - many of these are small family plots. We have a number of the larger cemeteries on line and are always seeking volunteers to help us work on more. If you are interested in helping with this massive effort, please contact the webmaster.

If a cemetery is not detailed on this webpage, then I'm sorry, but there are no transcriptions available. Please write the Town Hall to get the death record of the person in question - sometimes they will note on there where the individual is buried. If you then join the Sutton Historical Society, they might be able to send someone out to look for your grave.

Sutton Cemetery Map
Large Version of Sutton Cemetery Map

Cemetery Listing by ID Number | Cemetery Listing by Name
1 - Sutton Cemetery
2 - Howard Cemetery - old
3 - Howard Cemetery - new
4 - Armsby Cemetery
5 - Dodge Cemetery
6 - Leland Hill Cemetery
7 - South Sutton Cemetery
8 - Putnam Cemetery
9 - West Sutton Cemetery
10 - Fuller Cemetery
11 - St. Paul's Cemetery
12 - Darling Cemetery
13 - Pidgeon Hill Cemetery
14 - Paupers' Cemetery
15 - Waters Cemetery
16 - Marble Cemetery
17 - Carpenter Cemetery
18 - Putnam Woodbury Cemetery
19 - Burrows Cemetery
20 - Cole-Woodbury
21 - Keown Cemetery

Other Nearby Cemeteries
Arnold Cemetery
County Bridge Cemetery, Millbury
Dwinnel Cemetery, Millbury
Hutchinson Cemetery
Millbury Cemetery
Torrey Cemetery
West Millbury (Grass Hill) Cemetery
Wilkinsonville Cemetery

Information on Rev War soldiers buried in Sutton/Millbury/etc

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