Sutton Massachusetts

Arnold Cemetery
Sutton, Massachusetts

Access to the Armold Cemetery is from West Sutton Road, by walking between two ponds. There are three separate burial areas, all adjoining each other. Perhaps the area should be called Wilkins Burial Ground, for the earliest marked stone.

Nathan Arnold, husband of Philadelphia, died June 1, 1867 (?), age 77.

Philadephia T. Arnold, wife of Nathan Arnold, died Feb. 23, 1881, age 82? (Area 1)

Philena Arnold, died Oct. 29, 1822, child of Philadelphia & Nathan.
Sally W. Arnold, died Nov. 23, 1822, child of Philadelphia & Nathan.
Nathan A. Arnold, died Dec. 26, 1836  (?)  of Philadelphia & Nathan.
Phila C. Arnold, died Oct. 22, 1822, child of Philadelphia and Nathan.
Pliny Arnold, died Apr. 8, 1829, child of Philadelphia and Nathan.
Ann F. Arnold, died May 16, 1836, child of Philadelphia and Nathan.
Nathan S. Arnold, died April 2, 1881, age 44

Charlotte T. Arnold, wife of Newell Carpenter, born June 1, 1824, died Nov. 12, 1845 (Area 1)

Dea. (Deacon?)  Reuben Putnam, died June 12, 1797, age 41, (Area 2)

Mary Wilkins, wife of M. Othnis (?) Wilkins, died Feb. 10, 1765, age 60, (Area 3)

Benjamin Woodbury, died Aug. 22, 1781, age 84, (Area 2)
Joshua, Woodbury, died April 15, 1782, age 55, (Area 2)

Originally recorded by Joannie & Cliff Kidder, 1990

Processed by Paul Holzwarth

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