911 Calls

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911 Calls

The Sutton MA police log for 3/7-3/13 was full of 911 calls, almost double, and for odd things. Sutton Police Log

2 burglaries in Sutton

There were 2 burglaries in Sutton this past week – keep your eyes open for suspicious activity! Sutton Police Log

Sutton MA Police Log

The Sutton MA Police Log is up for 2/7-2/13. Great news! No car-vs-deer and no chimney fires! Sutton MA Police Log

Chimney Fire

Sutton MA police logs are online for Jan31-Feb6 – no car-vs-deer but we did have a chimney fire. Make sure you keep your chimney clean! Sutton MA police logs

Sutton MA police log

Sutton MA police log is up for 1/17-1/23! No car-vs-deer this week – good driving everyone! Sutton MA police log

School Bus on Rte 146

Schoolbus #25 on the side of the road – 146N Sutton by the Bank of America – had to be towed. This caused a backup all the way to Atlas

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Sutton MA police log

The Sutton MA police log for 1/17-1/23 is now posted – no car-vs-deer during this week! Hurrah! Sutton MA police log

Two Chimney Fires

There were two chimney fires in Sutton MA the week of Jan 10 2011 – make sure your chimneys are safe! Sutton MA Police Log

Sutton Police Log

The Sutton Police Log for Jan 3-10 2011 is online! Let me know what you think! Would you like more graphs? Different kind of data? I’m here to help! Sutton

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Sutton School System Snow Day

The Telegram reports that the Sutton School System will be closed on Wed Jan 12 due to the massive snowstorm heading our way! Have fun kids!