Dandelions are out!

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Dandelions are out!

62F and sunny in Sutton – the dandelions are out! Use the heads for dandelion wine, and the greens for a tasty dandelion salad! Free food!

Daffodils and Forsythia

Daffodils and Forsythia are both in bloom in Sutton! Gorgeous fields of yellow on a beautiful springtime day. The crocuses are now gone.

Puffball / Earthball Mushroom

Please help me identify this fungus – is this a puffball? An earthball? Full video of it being cut open Puffball / Earthball Mushroom

Autumn is Winding Down

Foliage is fading, half the trees are bare, but blue skies, crisp air, a good day for a hike in Sutton.

Indian Pipes / Corpse Plant

Photos of the plant called Indian Pipes / Corpse Plant Indian Pipes / Corpse Plant Photos

Mushroom ID Help Needed

Is anyone good with mushrooms? What are these mushrooms from Sutton? Mystery Mushrooms in Sutton MA

Need Help Identifying a Tree

Need help identifying a tree! Glossy alternate leaves, bendy woody trunk Mystery Tree

The Trees of Sutton

I’ve posted photos of pine, aspen, birch, oak, and maple trees. I also have a mystery tree! Please help me identify it! Trees of Sutton Massachusetts

2008 Foliage Photos

I took a set of photos of the 2008 foliage at the Blackstone Valley golf course in early November. Enjoy! Sutton MA Foliage Photos

Foliage Season 2007

Well, this has been an odd year for foliage. Back in early September, the aspens and a few other yellow-leaf trees went yellow suddenly, and then lost their leaves. But

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