Froglet Name

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Froglet Name

  This froglet needs a name! What name should we give to this little cutie?

Toothless the leopard froglet

Toothless the leopard froglet is nearly down to the no-tail state! He’ll be moving to the #froglet tank soon :).

Fred ate a cricket!

Fred ate a cricket! Fred ate a cricket! We moved Fred and Kermie into a new terrarium with a little pond and crickets. He caught one!

Tadpole Name

This #tadpole now has arms and is in need of a name! What do you think we should name him?

Fred the Frog

Fred the Frog nuzzles with two of the tadpoles. “It’s OK. You’ll have real legs soon and, maybe someday, even arms.”

Free leopard frog

Free leopard frog needs new home – Fred, the guy on the left, just about done losing his tail. Contact for more info!

Tadpole Care

Loading up version 2 of my tadpole care book onto Kindle. I love these little guys 🙂 It should be live soon!

Two Froglets

Two froglets enjoying their tank – Fred and Kermit – Two Froglets  

Froglet Video with Arms

Fresh video taken today! A first look at the froglet with two arms, one with one-arm, and several with legs-only Froglet Video with Arms  

Fluval 2 water filter

Our tadpoles *love* the Fluval 2 water filter. Not only does it keep the water clean, but they adore basking on it – Fluval 2 water filter