Authorstock 2018

Authorstock 2018

Authorstock 2018

Authorstock 2018 is coming up this weekend! Make sure to mark your calendar and come on out for March 3rd and 4th – there’s a ton of authors, speakers, workshops, how-tos, and more!

I’ll be there both days – I’d love to chat with you on any topic involving writing, publishing, marketing, and getting sales!

Here’s just a sampling of the amazing authors featured at AuthorStock. You can get their books online, of course!


Is it a lottery ticket?

a rich uncle?

A huge, mysterious payoff?

Let the waiting finally be over and discover that you already have what you truly want – happiness. It’s there inside you, just waiting for you to access it.

So what’s the secret to finding it? Using your imagination. And Paula Sullivan has done just that – her imagination has led her to developing and exploring new practices you can use to achieve happiness simply by changing our thoughts. In Simply Being Happy, she’ll teach you how to strengthen your imagination just like any other muscle so it can bring you the results you want.

Simply Being Happy by Paula Sullivan

On September 21, 1938 a hurricane charged up the East Coast of the United States. It made landfall without warning.

It devastated Long Island, New York and Southern New England.

Over 600 people lost their lives. Thousands of houses were damaged. The storm did what would be over $4 Billion worth of damage by today’s standards.

Intertwined with the story of the storm is the story of Lilly and Richard. Lilly and Richard are a troubled young couple who need to lose one another in order to find each other.

Winds Of Providence: A Novel of the Hurricane of ’38 by Christine Beauchaine


Morgan has become settled in her quiet life in Sutton, Massachusetts. Her peaceful morning yoga routine is assisted by her cat, Juliet. In the evening she guides her kayak across the placid surface of Lake Singletary. Everything is in its place.

When Morgan stumbles across a dead body in the shadowy depths of Sutton Woods, her stability is knocked askew. Jason, the ranger who comes to her aid, provides a steady rock of support. The death seems at first an accident, but Morgan knows in her heart that a delicate strut of life has fallen out of balance.

As Morgan and Jason delve into the mystery, still waters are stirred. Danger billows from the depths of Purgatory Chasm, from the twisted histories that stretch back decades. Can they unravel the tangled skeins before the past catches up with them?

All author’s proceeds of this series benefit battered women’s shelters.

Aspen Allegations by Lisa Shea

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