Worcester Drivers

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Worcester Drivers

Worcester MA is considered the WORST place in the nation for drivers! Anyone going near Kelley Square knows that 🙂 Worcester Drivers  

Melting – a Sutton Massachusetts Short Story

Hurrah! Melting – a Sutton Massachusetts Short Story – is live! Only 99 cents! Melting – a Sutton Massachusetts Short Story


What beautiful weather. My yoga session on the back porch was idyllic. JulietCat sprawled alongside me. I have a pink morning glory, too!

Armsby and Melting

Just published my 2 short stories Armsby and Melting on Kindle. Both are set in Sutton. I’ll let you know when they go live! Now to get the 12 medieval

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Pickerel Frog

Finally – we’ve got a photo of a pickerel frog! These little guys are quite elusive 🙂 Pickerel Frog

August Yoga

A stunningly beautiful August morning for my back porch yoga. Treasuring the hummingbirds – I know they’ll be heading south soon. #yoga

Idyllic Weather

A simply beautiful yoga session this morning. Idyllic weather. Hummingbirds. A friendly slug. Gentle breezes. Peppers are getting red. #yoga

Wren Video

A cute wren video taken in my back yard a few days ago – it was certainly not shy! Wren Video #birding #sutton

Yoga in August

A lovely yoga session on the back porch. Cool for August. I never put my AC in my office window this year. Are we having a strange year? I certainly

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One more – this is the cover for “Armsby” – a short story set in Sutton. Thoughts on it? Yes, I took the photo of a crocus in Sutton :).