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A beautiful yoga session on my back porch – The first three day lilies are open! I know the butterflies will love them. Serenity. #yoga


Wow, what a gorgeous day in Sutton today! I had a wonderful yoga session on my back porch. Lots of hummingbirds. Did you soak in the sun?

Tony’s Pizza in Sutton

As of June 2014, Tony’s Pizza on Route 146 Southbound in Sutton Massachusetts is looking for a counter worker!

Netpune’s Car

Netpune’s Car was live in Worcester today on the common! And in a moment they’ll be doing a live interview on WICN!! …  This was a perfect example of

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kayaking Lake Quinsigamond

Bob & I had a wonderful time kayaking Lake Quinsigamond this evening. I brought my camera but it was full! I had to delete a few files to be able

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Massachusetts #24 in Corruption

Massachusetts is only #24 in corruption out of the 50 US states. Should we be happy or upset? US Corruption Report  

Conquering Your Fear of Spiders

Conquering Your Fear of Spiders – FREE ebook – grab it while it lasts! Share with friends! Conquering Your Fear of Spiders  

BigBrother BigSister

BigBrother BigSister is coming to Sutton this Thursday 6/19/2014 to pick up donations *at your doorstep*! Free! Sign up – BigBrother BigSister

Luna Moth

We saw this amazingly huge Luna Moth early this morning after a late dinner at Friday’s in Millbury. Very cool!  They only live in moth form for one week. Luna

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The Common House Spider

The Common House Spider

Here’s a spider to know and love. The Common House Spider is shy, friendly, and it catches mosquitoes for you! Hurrah! Thank you to Kristey for donating some photos to

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