Fire Upon the Hearth

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Fire Upon the Hearth

A thought about wintertime from the History of Sutton – even in the 1850s they were nostalgic about the past! This was written in 1850, looking back on the quieter

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you and your loved ones have a day rich with serenity, love, and joy.

Silver Mine at Eight Lots

Did you guys know we had a silver mine at Eight Lots? This Sutton History is full of all sorts of cool factoids! From one of the genealogies: “Her father

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History of Sutton 1704-1876

I’m working on an ebook version of the History of Sutton 1704-1876 so that it’s easily searchable and portable! 🙂 I do own an original copy, but it’s now frail

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Winter Solstice Issue of Mused Literary Review

It’s live! It’s live! The FREE Winter Solstice 2014 issue of our Mused Literary Review is up! Kudos to all the artists and authors who contributed to this! Winter Solstice

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Verizon vs Sprint

We’re on Verizon and are thinking of switching to Sprint for their “half price” match. Any Sprint users in Sutton? Is coverage ok?

Worcester Review deadline

The Worcester Review deadline for submissions is TODAY. Get your subs in by today to be considered! Worcester Review  

Health Care Deadline

Reminder – if you haven’t signed up for health care yet, be sure to look into it today! Health Care Deadline  

Vaillancourt Folk Art

Support local business! Vaillancourt Folk Art in Sutton has amazing Christmas items and beautiful hand-made creations

Seven Hills Camera Club

If you enjoy photography, tonight Monday 12/1 is the Seven Hills Camera Club photography meeting. Learn more about #photography Seven Hills Camera Club