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Archives : July 19th, 2013

Sutton Mass facebook page

The Sutton Mass facebook page is nearly at 100 likes! Please LIKE us so we can reach the 100 mark! Sutton Mass facebook page  

Thirsty Hummingbirds

Wow, the hummingbirds are thirsty today! Must be that 91F heat out there. They’re guzzling down the nectar. Do you have nectar out?

Aspen Allegations murder mystery

The Aspen Allegations murder mystery, set in Sutton Mass, was featured by the Lake Singletary Watershed Association in their newsletter – Aspen Allegations murder mystery  

Lake Singletary Herbicides

Lake Singletary, Sutton MA, will be treated with herbicide / algaecide on Wed July 24th and Wed July 31st. Town beach swimming will still be open on those two days

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Millbury Casino

Millbury MA is looking into having a casino next to the Shoppes. What do you think? Good or bad idea? Millbury Casino