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I just finally got a cool breeze here in Sutton. I wonder if that means the thunderstorms are on their way. Make sure you get out and vote! …┬á is

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A bit of thunder in Sutton Mass, but no rain yet. Maybe that’s coming soon. It’s cooler at least!

Guess the White Flower

This flower is tall, over two feet, with white petals, and is in bloom right now in Sutton MA. Any guess what it is? Guess the White Flower  

Lake Singletary Panorama

I’ve posted a panorama photo of Lake Singletary, Sutton MA, taken from my kayak. Enjoy! Lake Singletary Panorama  

Happy Summer Solstice!

It is exactly 1:04am EST – the peak of the Summer Solstice! Somewhere over China the sun is at its very highest point in the sky. For the rest of

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Millbury MA boat ramp

The Millbury MA boat ramp on Lake Singletary is currently CLOSED due to high water.

Beautiful Day

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day out today in Sutton Mass. Do you have any plans to enjoy the outside world?


A fairly large thunderstorm is moving through Sutton Mass. The power just hiccuped – luckily I’m on a UPS. How are you doing?

Black with Orange Spots Ladybug

Who can guess what this bug is? It looks like a ladybug – but it’s black with orange spots! Black with Orange Spots Ladybug  

Mystery Bug

Who can guess what this bug is? Green body, six yellow legs, two long black and white antennae, size of my thumbnail Mystery Bug Photo