Dog Tick

Archives : April, 2013

Dog Tick

Found a dog tick in the house today in Sutton MA. Apparently they’re now in season. Keep an eye out for them! American Dog Tick

Sunny Days

It’s a gorgeous day in Sutton Mass – going to sit outside while I read my Consumer Behavior coursework. Get some time in the sun!

Hummingbird Nectar

I have four hummingbird feeders out to lure in the hummingbirds in Sutton MA, as well as two petunia plants. Now to watch for them! When you make hummingbird nectar,

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Washing Hummingbird Feeders

I am running all my hummingbird feeders through the dishwasher. Hummingbirds are back in Massachusetts! Get your feeders ready for them 🙂

BigBrother BigSister Apr 29th

BigBrother BigSister is doing at-your-door charity pickup on Mon Apr 29th 2013 in Sutton MA! Sign up and declutter! BigBrother BigSister Apr 29th

Tower Hill Daffodils

Another gorgeous day in Sutton MA, 65F, I’m planning to go to Tower Hill and see their massive field of daffodils! What are your plans?

Name This Tree

What tree is currently making tons of little red flowers, which are coating our back yards and decks in Sutton? Mystery Red Flower Tree  

Beautiful Day

An absolutely beautiful, sunny day today in Sutton. The daffodils are blooming! The chickadees and nuthatches are all singing merrily. Did you get out and enjoy the spring day?

Super Challenging Photo Challenge

Super Challenging Photo Challenge – where is this in Sutton Massachusetts? Super Challenging Photo  

Hummingbirds Arriving

Wow apparently hummingbirds are already in New England according to tracking maps! Put out your feeders! I haven’t seen any yet here, but I’m amazed they are in the area

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