March crocus photos

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March crocus photos

March crocus photos taken today in Sutton Mass – March crocus photos  

62.3F and sunny

62.3F and sunny in Sutton Mass. Spring is finally arriving! I have the sliding door open, letting in the breeze.

56F and patches of snow

There’s still patches of snow on the ground in Sutton Mass, but it’s 56F and melting is whittling them down. Spring is smiling 🙂

63F and Snowy

Our thermometer in Sutton MA is reading 63.5F and we still have snow coating the ground! Snow Photo of Spring  

Blanket of Snow

It’s 45F and brightly sunny in Sutton MA. Will the snow start to melt? It would be nice to give those crocuses a chance to bloom!

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! The Spring Equinox 2013 issue of Mused is live! We’d love to hear your feedback!   The Spring Equinox 2013 Mused Issue  

OXO snow brush

I received an OXO snow brush from Amazon Vine to review in our Sutton snow. What type of a brush do you guys use? OXO snow brush  

Snow is Squishing

We’ve had snow and rain on and off in Sutton MA today which has tamped down the snow. Currently my back deck is only 2″ of moist snow.

Four Inches of Snow

Sutton MA currently has about 4 inches of fresh snow on top of the previous layer, and no more is falling. Will this be it for today?

A Foot of Snow?

Looks like the snow starts about 10pm tonight in Sutton MA. Will we get a foot of snow? Only time will tell! Winter’s still here 🙂 Are you ready for

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