Finding Peace

Archives : June, 2012

Finding Peace

Finding Peace – my medieval romance novel about a woman getting away from an abusive fiance. It’s live on the Kindle! Finding Peace – A Medieval Romance

Hummingbird Wars

I now have warring hummingbirds at my feeders. Why can’t the little fluffballs of feathers just get along? Plenty of nectar for everyone!

Phoebe Chicks

The phoebe chicks in the nest under my eaves are becoming more vocal. I wonder if they’re going to leave the nest soon!  Do you have any baby birds in

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Brief Rainstorm

A brief rainstorm just came through, perfect to water the flowers and gardens. The hummingbirds are already back at the feeder again! What birds are you seeing in your yard?


I’m hearing rumbles of thunder in Sutton MA. Hopefully not too many raindrops, as my little hummingbirds are enjoying their feeders.


The hummingbirds are happy I put up my feeders! If you don’t have a hummingbird feeder up in Sutton MA yet, I highly recommend putting it up. The little critters

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Citadel Airsoft

It looks like the Sutton MA drive-in is being converted into a Citadel Airsoft BB-gun course – i.e. paintball with biodegradable BBs!


Just saw my first hummingbird in Sutton MA for this year – time to get those feeders up! I’m behind schedule. 🙂

Sutton town beach

Sutton town beach will open will open 12-6 pm daily on Sat June 16. Passes $25 for Sutton, $50 for Millbury, $75 for other town residents.

Mary Forde-Mathieu

Our hearts go out to the family of Mary Forde-Mathieu. This 68 year old Sutton resident was killed in a car accident in Millbury, MA last Wednesday.