Power eta thu 9pm

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Power eta thu 9pm

National grid says we should have power back on thu at 9pm. Stocking up on fire logs. I guess halloween is off for tonight – no kids could get past

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Still no power

Power has been out since 5pm Sat night, still not even an eta on when it will be restored. At least six trees down in our yard alone. Maybe will

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Snow is Here!

The snow is still falling in Sutton MA – about 3″ so far – here are some photos from today! Snow Falling in Sutton  

Noreaster is Coming

Forecast is for 8″ of snow to fall on Saturday – could be the most snow we’ve *ever* had in October. Get your yard ready, check your tires!

Snow Photos

Snow is here in Sutton MA. Here’s the proof – photos! Snow Photos  

Snow! Our first snow!

Snow! We have snow sticking in Sutton MA! About an inch is down, coating the ground. It’s wintertime in Sutton! Photos coming soon 🙂

Blue Jay restaurant

Want to own the land the Blue Jay restaurant in Sutton MA was on? It’s only $500k for the 2.09 acres! Zoned rural residential. Blue Jay restaurant land for sale

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Snow? We could be getting snow on Thursday in Sutton MA? When did this happen? We’re barely into fall! Are you guys ready for snow?

Late Fall is Here

52.6F in Sutton MA, sort of grey, late fall is here. Most of the trees are yellow and red now. It’s sweater season.

Buffumville Lake Foliage

Buffumville Lake Foliage – photos from Charlton MA which is near Sutton 🙂 Buffumville Lake Foliage