55 People Out of Power

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55 People Out of Power

National Grid is reporting that Sutton Massachusetts is down to only 55 homes without power as of tonight. Here’s hoping that they get those remaining 55 customers back on line

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466 power outages

Sutton MA is down to 466 power outages; 466 homes spend night #3 without showers, fridges, or lights. Batteries are scarce.

Live Map of Power Outages

To see a live map of the 624 (yes they added one) power outages in Sutton MA including estimated restore dates – Live Map of Power Outages  

623 customers without power

National Grid is reporting that there are still 623 customers without power in Sutton Massachusetts. Let’s hope they’re back on line soon!

National Grid Electric

Just got a call an automated call from National Grid Electric they said some in our area could be without power through the upcoming weekend

Hurricane Irene Photos and Videos

OK the videos and photos of Hurricane Irene are all live! Enjoy! Hurricane Irene Photos and Videos

Power is back on!

Power is back on! Hurrah! Now I can start posting all my storm photos and videos. First step – get the computer powered up.

Over Four Inches of Rain

Our backyard cooking pot collected over four inches of rain just during the main storm. I put the pot out at 10am on Saturday – i.e. just before the main

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Power Still Out 24 Hrs Later

Still no power 24 hours later and the freezer part of the fridge is now up to 46f. Time to run for some ice … We have a set of

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National Grid update

Just talked with National Grid electric they are still getting calls coming in on outages and have no estimate of when power will be back on, they said at least

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