Turkey in the Straw

Archives : July, 2011

Turkey in the Straw

An ice cream truck just drove past playing Turkey in the Straw in Sutton MA. Can they really still make money driving an ice cream truck?

Grass spider photos

Grass spider photos from Sutton MA – a friendly spider! Grass spider photos


Cicadas are buzzing their summer song up in the trees in Sutton MA – adding a dreamy relaxation to this delightful July afternoon.

Gorgeous Weather

77F and gorgeous in Sutton MA, blue skies, chirping birds, cute little hover flies that look like mini-bees. Life is lovely.


A flock of 20 or so grackles are swarming around my house in Sutton MA. It feels a bit like The Birds.

Purgatory Chasm

Beautiful weather on the schedule all week long in Sutton MA. Perfect time for a walk through Purgatory Chasm – maybe a picnic too!

100F Weather

Today’s high in Sutton MA is supposed to be 100F. Make sure you drink lots of water, stay in the shade, and watch pets and infants!

Oven Like Heat

It’s currently 95.2F in Sutton MA – fairly oven like! Our lantana plant is decidedly crispy. I think it’s time for a bit of shade.

BigBrother BigSister

Sutton residents – did you put out items this morning for the BigBrother BigSister pickup? If not, be sure to sign up for next time!

Wood Frog

83F in Sutton MA and it’s not even 11am. We saw a cute, tiny wood frog by our garden! Tomatoes are turning red 🙂