Second Tornado

Archives : June 1st, 2011

Second Tornado

The second tornado barely missed us in Sutton MA – it came from Oxford along Central Turnpike then headed into Millbury. Two in one day!

Tornado #2!!

Heads up in Sutton MA! Another tornado was spotted in Brimfield MA and it’s coming towards us. Two in one day!! Be safe!

Tornado Gone

Wow that was intense. Incredibly powerful lightning strikes in Sutton MA and the tornado skimmed the northern border with Millbury. Even now there are incredibly powerful thunder booms going on,

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Tornado Warning

Sutton MA is under a tornado warning – an actual tornado exists in Brimfield MA and is heading east. Warning is active until 6:15pm.

Thunder is booming

Thunder is booming in Sutton MA and the sky has gone an ominous dark grey color. Maybe this tornado watch is actually meaningful.

85.7F in Sutton MA

A gorgeous 85.7F in Sutton MA, gentle breezes, the sun is shining, birds are singing, an idyllic day in central Massachusetts.