Baby Birds

Archives : June, 2011

Baby Birds

Wow there are just baby birds everywhere in Sutton MA! Baby doves, baby titmice, baby woodpeckers! What a lovely day to sit outside.

Tiny Gnats

What is up with these tiny gnats in Sutton MA? Is it suddenly Gnat Season? And I thought mosquitoes were bad …any ideas?

Sutton Mass Gas Prices

Sutton Mass Gas Prices – $3.69 at the Mobile on 146N, $3.65 at the Xtramart also on 146N. Anyone know what the gazebo station is charging?

Whitinsville Wellness Center

The Whitinsville Wellness Center has a lovely open house today until 5pm. I was just there for an hour or so. The place is beautiful and the free reflexology treatment

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice! Celebrate the longest day of the year enjoying the Mused Literary Review! Mused Literary Review – Summer Solstice Issue

Female Cowbird Eating Eggs

Wow Bob just saw a female cowbird land in the phoebe nest above our porch, grab an egg, fly down to the ground, and eat it. Poor phoebe!

Whitespotted pine sawyer beetle

The Whitespotted pine sawyer beetle is often confused with the Asian Longhorned Beetle. Here’s how to tell them apart – Whitespotted pine sawyer beetle

Ruby throated hummingbirds

Ruby throated hummingbirds are gorgeous and can be found in Sutton MA! They love lantana plants. Ruby throated hummingbirds

Crane flies

Crane flies have long, gorgeous, delicate wings like a dragonfly. They drink nectar and seem to enjoy fuschia. Crane fly photos

Brown headed cowbirds

Brown headed cowbirds lay their eggs in other birds’ nests, so the other birds have to feed and care for their chicks! Brown headed cowbirds