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Vaillancourt Folk Art

Vaillancourt Folk Art’s 15th Annual Collector’s Weekend is this weekend in Sutton MA! Come enjoy the festivities! Sutton MA Events

Sutton MA blog

Revamped the Sutton MA blog to be even easier to use – let me know what you think! Sutton MA blog

Bleeding Hearts are blooming

Thunder is rumbling in Sutton MA, and we have a steady rain watering the flowers. My Bleeding Hearts are blooming! Spring has sprung 🙂

broad-winged hawk

71.5F in Sutton MA – Spring is definitely here in full force! A broad-winged hawk is in our yard, harassing some other birds.

BigBrother BigSister

A reminder that BigBrother BigSister is coming to Sutton MA tomorrow Tue Apr 26th to do pickups! Contact them if you’ve got stuff!

Red oak vs white oak

Red oak vs white oak – how to tell the difference – Red oak vs white oak

Red Maple Flowerettes

Is your lawn covered with tiny red flowerettes? That’s the red maple decorating! Red Maple Photos

Windy in Sutton

Wow is it windy in Sutton MA today! I’d be surprised if there weren’t a few trees down. A hawk chased a bird right past me too! That was exciting.

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Red Squirrel

Red squirrels are not common in Sutton MA – here are photos of one! Red Squirrel Photos

Federal taxes are due TODAY

Federal taxes are due TODAY in Sutton MA – but our Mass taxes are not due until tomorrow Apr 19th. USPS is open. Happy Patriot’s Day!