Tragic News

Tragic News

Tragic News

Tragic news from Sutton MA – a 16 yr old Sutton resident, playing on Oxford’s football team, collapsed on the field and died. The football game was being played in Warren.

Sutton does not have solo-town football teams. The pop-warner team is teamed up with Millbury, and the teen football team is done with Oxford.

I’ve read about the incident on several news websites now – the reports are all fairly vague. It does not seem that the student was tackled or injured, more that he collapsed “on his own” – but of course these things are difficult to tell. It could easily be that he was tackled or hurt earlier, and kept playing after that until he finally collapsed from the previous injury.  The name of the student is not being announced yet – only that he was a junior varsity player.

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of this young man.

UPDATE: The deceased has been identified as Michael Ellsessar.

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