When Will We Get Snow?

Archives : November, 2010

When Will We Get Snow?

42.1F in Sutton MA on this last day of Nov. We’ve only had one light dusting of snow so far this season! When will the real snow arrive?

Deer Season

Just heard two shotgun blasts in Sutton MA. Apparently deer season opens today and ends Sat Dec 11. Wear your orange outfits, and stay safe!

Gently Rainy

It is 34.9F in Sutton MA, gray, gently rainy; winter is just around the corner. We’re on the brink of the snow season beginning.

Thanksgiving Greetings

I would like to send out a warm, serene Thanksgiving greeting to everyone from here in Sutton MA. I wish you all peace, serenity, and joy.

deer breeding season

Reminder – Nov is deer breeding season, they are roaming actively! Drive carefully, especially at dawn and dusk. Keep your eyes open!

Grafton fire alarm

The Grafton fire alarm is going off with its strange low swoopy call. I wonder if they really have a fire or if this is some sort of a test?

A beautiful morning

A beautiful morning in Sutton Massachusetts, 47F, the downy and hairy woodpeckers are almost peacefully sharing the suet feeders. Almost.

Loud Leaf Blowers

One minor downside of living in Sutton MA – our neighbors seem to have purchased the loudest leaf blowers on the planet. Walls are shaking.

Pleasant Valley Country Club

The Pleasant Valley Country Club in Sutton MA, a landmark course once a featured part of the PGA tour, has been sold at a foreclosure auction. The selling price was

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Tragic News

Tragic news from Sutton MA – a 16 yr old Sutton resident, playing on Oxford’s football team, collapsed on the field and died. The football game was being played in

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