Top Ten Things to Do in Sutton MA

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Top Ten Things to Do in Sutton MA

Top Ten Things to Do in Sutton MA – what’s on your list? Top Ten Things to Do in Sutton MA

Ten Kids Total

9pm in Sutton MA and we’re turning off the light. Only 10 kids over the course of the evening. All were fairly young, too.

Two more kids for Halloween

A *long* gap and we just had two more kids including Minnie Mouse. I think it’s going to be a very quiet night this Halloween in Sutton. We’ve only had

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Little Green Dragon

Woo hoo! Two batches of four kids each already in Sutton MA! There was a cute little green dragon with a long tail. Halloween has begun!

Halloween Begins!

41.9F in Sutton MA as we begin Halloween evening. Clear, crisp, the goodie bags are ready for the kids! Toys given away here at our home, no candy 🙂

Wine & Beer Tasting

Reminder! On Saturday Oct 23, from 6-9pm, there’s a Wine & Beer tasting being held at the Blackstone National Golf Club. The tasting benefits the Sutton Education Foundation Trust. Support

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Sutton MA Town Meeting Notes

The Oct 2010 Sutton MA town meeting is now over. Only 57 people (out of a town of 8,000+!!) attended. You need to know what your town is doing! Here

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Sutton MA Town Meeting

Sutton MA Town Meeting on Mon 10/18/2010 at 7:30pm! Why aren’t there any signs promoting this around Sutton? Be there and be heard! I was driving ALL over Sutton on

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Marion’s Camp

Marion’s Camp in Sutton MA – they are revamping the entire parking lot / path to the beach! Marion’s Camp in Sutton MA

Power lines at Purgatory Chasm

Power lines are down at Purgatory Chasm right between the 2 main parking lots. You can’t drive through. Plan ahead for your parking! I’ll post photos soon! It definitely is

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