Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

2011 is arriving around the world! Our best wishes go out to you and your loved ones. May 2011 bring you everything you wish for!

a foot of snow

About a foot of snow in Sutton MA – it’s stopped falling but the wind is BLOWING like a banshee! It really sounds like a freight train!

About 3″ of snow

About 3″ of snow currently on the ground in Sutton MA, 20.9F, during our first snowstorm of the season. It’s very pretty out there! Enjoy!

White Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Sutton Massachusetts – we have a lovely coating of snow on the ground! We have our much desired White Christmas!

Nearly Full Moon

29.2F on a beautiful night in Sutton, snow on the ground, we may have a white Christmas! Be careful, that snow is the “slippery / icy” kind!

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice! Enjoy our GORGEOUS issue of the Mused Literary Magazine! Mused Literary Magazine

Heavy cloud cover in Sutton MA

Heavy cloud cover in Sutton MA will be hiding this year’s cool lunar eclipse from us tonight. I want to see the eclipsed moon! It’s at 3am.

Still no snow

30.4F as night falls in Sutton MA. Still no snow. Will we get a white Christmas this year? Usually we have snow by now!

A beautiful morning

A beautiful morning in Sutton MA, 38.7F, a gently rainy, misty start to the day. It feels almost magical. The Irish would call this “soft”.

Sutton Industrial Park Sold

Sutton Industrial Park (67.5 acre) in Sutton MA on the Northbridge line just sold in foreclosure for $2.3 million. This park is located on 146S, at a spot about across

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