Deer Season

Archives : November, 2009

Deer Season

Apparently it’s deer season using a shotgun – I’m hearing repeated shots from my house. This hunter must be enthusiastic or a bad shot.

Winter is coming

Soft, gray day, 44F, a good day to sit inside with a cup of tea and catch up on things while the world is quiet. Winter is coming.

Debt Exclusion passes

By a vote of 441 for and 88 against, town residents in Sutton voted to allow the debt exclusion for Whittier Farms. This means that 314 acres of their land

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If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you get in to vote today! Votes are taken from 7am to 8pm. “To consider a Debt Exclusion question to pay for an

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Grey, drizzly

Grey, drizzly, calm day, quiet, the blue jays are hanging out in the trees. Winter is drifting its way in slowly.

Find Serenity

Relax and find serenity with ten minutes of fireplace video and music Fireplace Video

Puffball / Earthball Mushroom

Please help me identify this fungus – is this a puffball? An earthball? Full video of it being cut open Puffball / Earthball Mushroom

Noisy Leaf Blowers

Gorgeous morning of bird song is interrupted by steady non-stop LOUD whine of leaf blower from a neighbor’s yard. Isn’t 10am early for this?

Beautiful Morning

Beautiful morning in Sutton, sun is shining, grackle’s squeaky-door call is echoing back and forth in the woods. Tea on the back porch.

Mid 50s, bright blue skies

Mid 50s, bright blue skies, a rain last night brought a fresh greenness to the world. All you could want in a late fall day.