Wolverine and a 60s girl!

Archives : October, 2009

Wolverine and a 60s girl!

Six little Halloween munchkins, including a Wolverine and a 60s era girl!

Trick Or Treaters are Arriving!

Our first two trick-or-treaters in Sutton, just as it gets dark! A witch and a little chicken!

Ladybug Swarm!

I’ve posted lots of photos of ladybugs for your enjoyment, taken fresh today! Ladybug Swarm


71F, gorgeous warm weather, a slight breeze. The house is *covered* in ladybugs of all styles! Dotted, dotless, you name it!

Wild turkeys in Sutton

Wild turkeys in Sutton – three moms with six poults (baby chicks). Photos! Wild turkeys in Sutton

quiet, misty day

A quiet, misty day with gray skies and burnt orange / golden / chocolate brown leaves. A beautiful day for sitting inside and sipping wine.

Autumn is Winding Down

Foliage is fading, half the trees are bare, but blue skies, crisp air, a good day for a hike in Sutton.

Bright blue skies

Bright blue skies, not a cloud, gorgeous against the golden-orange fading leaves. 60F. Couldn’t ask for a better day in Sutton.

Late Autumn

65F, gentle misty rain is falling, it feels warm and wonderful. The leaves are starting to fade, it is heading towards late autumn.

Rain or Snow

1:30am. A gentle snow is falling, or is it the lightest of rains? We are in disagreement, but it looks very pretty 🙂