Warmy Sunny 66F

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Warmy Sunny 66F

Today is warmy sunny, 66F, a nice breeze blowing, the leaves are tinged with color. A perfect autumn day to go on a walk and enjoy New England!

Mushroom ID Help Needed

Is anyone good with mushrooms? What are these mushrooms from Sutton? Mystery Mushrooms in Sutton MA

full moon photos

Gorgeous full moon photos from Sutton MA – taken Sept 6 Full Moon Photos

Daddy Longlegs spider

Daddy Longlegs spider fans unite! More fun photos to peruse! Daddy Longlegs spider photos

dimorphic jumping spider

For spider fans, I’ve added more photos of the female dimorphic jumping spider! dimorphic jumping spider photos

Autumn Musings

Sutton MA today is gently sunny, a cool, pleasant 68F. Lots of dragonflies flitting around, a soft breeze blows at them.

Misty Rains

Gentle rains today in Sutton MA, a misty fog lay across the subtly turning leaves. A sprinkling of yellow and red on the edges of trees.

Bullfrog Photos

There are bullfrogs in the small pond at Purgatory Chasm! These photos were taken fresh today – Bullfrog Photos

Painted turtle photos

Painted turtle photos – a friendly non-endangered turtle Painted turtle photos

Need Help Identifying a Tree

Need help identifying a tree! Glossy alternate leaves, bendy woody trunk Mystery Tree