Visitor Complaint = This Website is TOO Good

Visitor Complaint = This Website is TOO Good

Visitor Complaint = This Website is TOO Good

I just received a first ever – a complaint from a visitor, Susan, who is upset that my site exists and looks professional. My site gets far more traffic than the Town of Sutton website and the Sutton Schools websites do. It has existed for many years before either of those other two sites sprang into being. It has over 2,000 articles and photos about Sutton MA on it.

This website clearly says right on the homepage that it is a PERSONAL WEBSITE written by me about Sutton MA. Even the contact page – which is REQUIRED before anyone contacts me – says clearly that this is a PERSONAL WEBSITE and that official town requests can go to the new official town website.

I am completely flabbergasted by this complaint. For many years I was the sole website for Sutton, the sole contact for tens of thousands of visitors. I answered questions about Sutton. I told people who to call. I gave out phone numbers and information about the hours at the town dump, then transfer station. I did this all for free. I worked with the police and fire department on issues.

Did Susan want me to completely delete my website – and all of its pages of content – now that the Town of Sutton has a site up that has their email addresses? Maybe I should delete the hundreds of pages of cemetery research I did, myself, by hand, going through the cemeteries in Sutton one by one, photographing the gravestones? Or maybe I should remove the church photos I took myself, which thousands of people use for their research? Would that make things ‘better’, to only have an “official” school website and an “official” town website with their email addresses?

I have always made it clear that this is a PERSONAL website. My visitors tell me daily that they have great respect that I provide a real Sutton resident’s view on things, current photos and background information on issues that they might not find elsewhere. Visitors love that I respond to them in hours, instead of the days it often takes for the other sites to respond to email messages. It amazes me after I have provided this information and free service for almost 15 years that a visitor could be annoyed that my site is doing so well.

It appears Susan works with the Sutton School website. Perhaps she wants me to take down this site, so that her own site gets a higher Google ranking? So people find her instead of me? Ironically, many of her Sutton students use my site every week for research.

Update – the Town of Sutton has talked with me and assures me my site is fine as is.

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