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Tadpole Cannibalism

It's pretty traumatic for a pet owner when a pet damages another pet. It's good to understand what might cause tadpole cannibalism in order to prevent it.

Cannibalism is the term for when a creature eats a related creature. In the land of tadpoles, it's what happens if the tadpoles run out of food. As a last-ditch survival mechanism, the tadpoles begin eating each other in hopes that at least a few of them will survive.

It's critical that you feed your little tadpoles ample food. If they have plenty of tasty food available to them already, they won't resort to eating each other. They'll merrily munch on the romaine and spinach you've given them, being perfectly content.

Another thing to watch for is that your tadpoles have enough space. When they are in tadpole form, have only 5 or less per liter of water. Once they get to the froglet stage, with all four legs, that drops to only 1 per liter of water. This gives them ample room to swim, rest, relax, and live their froggy lives. If you crowd them too much, they get stressed and take it out on their fellow tadpoles.

With tender loving care, your tadpoles will remain friends with each other, and you'll be a content tadpole parent!

Note that cannibalism is much different than the normal little nips that tadpoles give each other during their daily life. Tadpoles nip at each other just like puppies nip at each other. It's a way for them to play or to say "leave me alone for now." So if you see your tadpoles nipping at each other occasionally, that's normal. That's the way they are.

But if you see one tadpole repeatedly attacking another, and there's no food anywhere in sight, that's time to step in.

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