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Orange Spotted Ladybug Beetle Sutton Massachusetts

We traditionally think of a ladybug as being red with black spots. But did you know a ladybug can also be black with orange spots? This is the Orange Spotted Ladybug, or Brachiacantha ursina.

The general family that all lady bugs belong to is the Coccinellidae family. There are several sub-families beneath this. One of the sub-families is the Scymninae, and this is where the darker versions like the Orange Spotted Ladybug can be found.

The Orange-Spotted Ladybug is found along the east coast from South Carolina and upward. Apprently they like milkweed!

These two were seen in Sutton Massachusetts. It landed on me :). I only got two photos of it before it flew off again. The photos are from June 2013.

Orange Spotted Ladybug Massachusetts

Orange Spotted Ladybug Massachusetts

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